About Lancaster Wildlife Control


Trapper K is a nickname for Kyle Quillin. I hold a nuisance wildlife control license through the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and I've been doing wildlife removal since 2013. I cover Lancaster County and surrounding areas.

The most important lesson that I've learned is that there's no "typical" problem with nuisance wildlife. Every house is unique. Every property is unique, and every species of animal is unique. Whenever I pull up to a house, I know that Trapping and removing a skunk under your porch may be a totally different challenge than trapping and removing a skunk under your neighbor's porch. And trapping and removing a family of skunks is obviously a much bigger challenge.

Many people who call me have previously tried to do nuisance wildlife removal themselves, and they've found that it's not always as easy as setting a trap and having the animal politely walk in and wait for a ride to a place far away from the house.

Training and experience make all the difference, and I bring training and experience to every nuisance wildlife removal call.