Pest Information


Wildlife can cause many different types of problems. Animals may carry diseases, including mange, rabies, and distemper. Animals can cause damage by chewing on house siding, insulation, and electrical wires. The feces from animals could cause you to become ill, and the very last thing that you'd ever wish on your pets is to get into a spraying contest with a skunk that lives under your deck.

One factor to be constantly aware of is that humans and animals share many communicable diseases. Most of these diseases spread as a result of contact with livestock, but avoiding direct contact with wildlife is always the best approach. Rabies is the worst of these diseases, and it's painfully common in Pennsylvania. Skunks, raccooons, and foxes are the most common carriers, so never go near them.

Even though wildlife can be a nuisance, animals are part of our ecosystem, and Pennsylvania has laws on dealing with wildlife. This article has the details on removing animals, and it shows why trying to do it yourself might get you into trouble and bring you some big fines.

Every type of wild animal will do damage if it moves into your home, so if you have any reason to think that a creature has moved in, call Trapper K, your Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Removal Expert.